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Stefanie Burmahl  — 5 star

June 5, 2018 ·

Highly recommended!!! Great employees

Gratianni Sausedo5 star

May 11, 2018 ·

Quality vehicles and quality service! Luxury at an affordable price.

Jewels Long  — 5 star

April 6, 2018 ·

Chastity was amazing and I love my rogue. You are amazing to work with

Iesha Tensley Clark  — 5 star

March 5, 2018 ·

Bought our 2011 Ford Explore and i cant say enough good things about this service the people and the vehicle! My family LOVES our car and even tho it had a minor problem when we bought it unannounced to them, they still offered to fixed it!.... WORLD CLASS SERVICE when my husband needs a vehicle WE WILL BE BACK thank you so much!! The Clark Family!!

Eduardo Gonzalez5 star

May 9, 2018 ·

Excelente service and very happy with the Mercedes Benz, thank you guys

Danii Vanessa  — 5 star

May 9, 2018 ·

Very Helpful and Professional! They found the perfect truck fit for me I haven’t had any issues with it thank u guys so much.

Josh Keehn 

May 10, 2018 ·

The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Clean and have a lot to choose from

Brad Buss5 star

May 10, 2018 ·

Very helpful and attentive. Even if the car you want isn't there, they will find it, or find you a vehicle to fit your needs. Great staff.

Misty Watson 

May 9, 2018 ·

Finally an honest and caring business! So hard to come by... amazing staff!!! I even got a lesson on financing...!!! Wow!

Julie Armstrong Williams  — 5 star

May 10, 2018 ·

First class from beginning to end!! Exceptional staff , working with them their goal of finding us a car that suited what we needed from every aspect was amazing! Everyone was very knowledgeable and....no pressure welcoming! Respect and service all the way. THANK YOU!

Carman Windom Grey5 star

March 10, 2018 ·

We had a great experience today. I bought my daughter a 2010 Pontiac G6. Chastity was the sweetest! Super helpful and friendly and my daughter said she’s one of the nicest people she’d ever met! They were attentive and helped us get a really great car for our needs. Thank you for such an easy and relaxed car buying experience!


Richard Hayes  — 5 star

February 24, 2018 ·

I just purchased an Audi A6 Quattro. When I test drove it ran fine I purchase a vehicle drove it home. When I got home the vehicle started acting up it was misfiring it wasn't running right at all. So I got a hold of Roberto and told him the problem what was going on and is very helpful and told me that you would help me out if it was something major. So beans and I'm from a small town most people around here don't have Audis nor do they know how to fix them. So I finally said the hell with it and drove back up to Midwest Motorsports and Roberto totally hook me up fix a car for free only took about an hour and it runs perfectly fine I would strongly recommend going through Roberto.

Felicia Bragg  — 5 star

May 9, 2018 ·

We went to Midwest Motorsports just looking around. The crew was very nice and friendly and they made sure all of our questions were answered. They gave us all the information I needed to make sure my purchase went smoothly. They even offered us a warranty. Since our purchase we haven’t had any problems out of our vehicle and I am very pleased. Thank you Midwest Motorsports crew

Jennifer Suzanne Smeaton  — 5 star

May 18, 2018 ·

I highly recommend this place!!!!! The staff is amazing. Quality cars at a quality price!! You won’t be disappointed. Roberto is the guy. This place has such a great selection of cars and more coming in every week!!

Rachel Lyons 

May 30, 2018 ·

We bought a 2007 GMC Sierra from Midwest Motorsports and have had an excellent experience so far. We worked with Roberto and were very pleased. Also, the lady in the office Chastity was very kind and was very polite with any interaction with her. We had a small issue with the truck and they addressed it right away. Highly recommend!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

La Toya Pearson5 star

May 9, 2018 ·

Midwest Motorsports is a Family Friendly Dealership. Having said that, the owner and employees are all hands on knowledgeable individuals that noticeably care about helping each person that walks on to the lot meet their needs. The vehicles have been presented to you with the owners and employees assurance that you will have transportation that meets your needs and price! If considering purchasing a previously owned vehicle go with Bolt Motors Rock Island IL. They are diligent and truly care about quality and know, how we as people work hard for the things we have. They are also consumers and treat you with the same consideration they would want for themselves. Be secure and confident in your dealings with them. They have your best interests at the forefront and stand behind each sell with assurance.

Monica Renae Maid 

May 17, 2018 ·

Me and my husband we're so satisfied with the customer service and sales team here and We love our new car...I will definitely buy another car from here again...

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KM Zumba 

May 11, 2018 ·

Wonderful staff, get you up and running in no time! Great place, quality service!!!

Ayoub Ayoub thomas and hasane are very friendly. it is a great place to visit and buy a care. i bought two cars and ready fir the thirt car . i encourage everybody needs a good car withe a good price to see thomas and visit this place. i m sur you will like it enjoy it and cam back again .thank you very much.

Renee Johnson recommends Midwest Motorsports.

June 3, 2018 ·

They give great customer service and nice reliable cars

Iesha Tensley Clark recommends Midwest Motorsports.

June 16, 2018 ·

Bought my truck over 3 months ago and still in love! Great service and great people!


Jewels Long recommends Midwest Motorsports.

December 3, 2018 ·

chasity is amazing to work with. almost ready for another SUV. I'll definitely be back

Dan Lorca Sexton recommends Midwest Motorsports.

January 30 ·

A little over a year later this beauty is still running strong with nearly 160,000 miles on it no rust no issues or anything! Can't complain about the 04 Monte Carlo I bought from you guys whatsoever! Figured I'd do a little appreciation post for you guys! You guys have defnitly been recommended by me!

Rob Ramirez recommends Midwest Motorsports.

September 16, 2018 ·

Best dealer in town
Great prices

Corey Joseph Pintado recommends Midwest Motorsports.

December 22, 2018 ·

Bought my wife’s ‘08 GMC Acadia from Midwest. I believe it was Roberto who answered my initial call the day before Thanksgiving. Very informative about my questions and super helpful when we visited 3 days later. We ended up buying the car! It was an awesome buying experience and we’d definitely buy from them again!

Cheyenne Keever recommends Midwest Motorsports.

February 14 at 7:52 AM ·

I bought a truck last April and I love the truck, anytime I have a question or need a referral they are always there to help. I would definitely buy from here again.

Melissa Barkdoll-Clark recommends Midwest Motorsports.

December 29, 2018 ·

chasity was great to work with, very low pressure and upfront with the prices unlike a lot of car lots I avoid. I was initially skeptical buying from a small lot I had never heard of but after looking for over a month in various towns and online we found the best deal for our needs here. It was also the only place I found that had the automatic 3 month power trane warranty on their used cars with an option to extend. After we chose this vehicle and settled on a price we discovered the DVD player didn't work so they replaced it on their dime . the second day we had it , it didn't start. it was an unforeseeable issue since it was the starter that went out. I called them and with absolutely no hassle they told me they would pay for the tow for me to get it to my mechanic ( since we were an hour from them) and the repair. They made the whole deal as easy as possible and I would definitely recommend them as a place with good people and good products they stand behind.

Ayoub Ayoub recommends Midwest Motorsports.

January 4 ·

thomas and hasane are very friendly. it is a great place to visit and buy a care. i bought two cars and ready fir the thirt car . i encourage everybody needs a good car withe a good price to see thomas and visit this place. i m sur you will like it enjoy it and cam back again .thank you very much.

Younes Zenati recommends Midwest Motorsports.

January 14 ·

I recommend to all friend to visit this dealer

Kelly Platz recommends Midwest Motorsports.

February 22 at 12:34 AM ·

Love them! I was actually the first car purchase of 2019 for them! Chasity is so nice and helpful. Helped me every step of the way. Robert was kind, reasonable, and flexible. Will absolutely do business with them again!

Deb Clayton reviewed Midwest Motorsports5 star

October 9, 2018 ·

This is a great place for quality used cars. Bought a much needed vehicle this morning and i am so happy with it! Thank you!

TJ Owens recommends Midwest Motorsports.

March 2 at 3:22 PM ·

Called ahead to look at a Jeep, got there as they opened, test drove it, bought it, in and out in maybe an hour, no hassle, easy process, amazing people who really seem to care about their customers and their business! Would recommend them to anyone! Quality and top notch!!!!



Shawn Christian reviewed Midwest Motorsports5 star

September 14, 2018 ·

We had a very good experience purchasing our sons first car. Honest and trustworthy employees and very personable.